Business Visas for Short-Term International Travel Assignments

The worst place to get a lesson in consular affairs is at the immigration counter of a foreign airport after an exhausting long haul flight. But unfortunately, even the best laid business plans can be delayed or thrown off course by well-intentioned, but misguided, attempts to travel to foreign countries for work-related meetings, conferences, and training sessions without first securing the proper business visa.

Thus, in a scene repeated in airports around the world every day, the wheels of globalization come to a screeching halt when a business traveler is denied entry after arriving to begin a short-term business visit while holding a tourist visa. Like the United States, many countries distinguish between visas used for tourism and personal visits versus those required when the purpose of the travel is to engage in business activities, such as meetings, conferences, training sessions, or other business negotiations. Some countries require visas for U.S. citizens and permanent residents, while others do not. Business visa requirements for third-country nationals, such as those for an Indian or Canadian citizen traveling to Germany, Qatar, or China are often altogether different as a result of complex visa reciprocity rules that often change without notice. The list of what "work" is permitted under each type of visa also varies from country to country, although most bear some similarity to the business activities permitted in the United States' B-1 visa category.

Goel & Anderson can help. We serve as a single source partner to assist human resources and corporate travel departments navigate the often confusing process of securing the appropriate visa for employee business visits, training assignments, and transit stopovers for more than eighty countries around the world. We can help determine the appropriate visa and required lead time whether your need covers one or more employees--of the same nationality or not. Our seamless handling of the visa process involves our skilled in-house resources and respected external partners who understand business timelines, security concerns, and the specific processes mandated by each country.

Trust us to handle the details, leaving your employees to breeze through the immigration counter ready to take on any global business challenge.

For more information about Goel & Anderson's global business visa services or to get country-specific requirements for individual employees, please contact us to schedule an in-person or telephonic consultation.