Immigration Due Diligence Audits for Corporate Mergers, Acquisitions and Reorganizations

The immigration consequences of corporate mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations are often overlooked until after the transaction has been completed. Late stage or inadequate planning for this crucial business function can result in the needless assumption of liability, loss of key personnel, and even the unwitting commission of corporate immigration violations.

Goel & Anderson's involvement in these processes can help avoid potential pitfalls. We are regularly retained to provide advice and counsel to companies, investors, and even law firms involved in M&A transactions and reorganizations of corporate structure. We are available as a resource to help affected employees navigate their options so they remain focused and productive while we sweat the details. As an important part of the corporate legal team, we work with clients to address issues such as:

  • Immigration due diligence to assist clients in making purchase or merger decisions.
  • Development of specific language to be included in sale, merger, or acquisition documents to ensure immigration issues are addressed.
  • Assessment of potential immigration liabilities and development of strategies to lessen their impact.
  • Strategic merits of adopting existing I-9 forms versus completion of new I-9s for employees.
  • H-1B Labor Condition Application and Public Access File compliance when there is a change in corporate structure or ownership.
  • "Successor in Interest" analysis for approved and pending immigration petitions.
  • Effect of reductions in force on individual employees in the immigration process.
  • Impact of corporate mergers, reorganizations and acquisitions on individual employees in the immigration process.

Goel & Anderson is available for consultation on all immigration-related due diligence matters. Our process includes a comprehensive audit of relevant documents, a review of corporate policies, assessment of possible liabilities, and recommendations for ongoing best practices. This approach is tailored to root out potential problems, identify solutions, and implement ongoing business processes to keep your deal moving forward.