USCIS Suspending H-1B Premium Processing


Late Friday afternoon USCIS announced that it will suspend premium processing for all H-1B petitions starting April 3, 2017. The suspension could last up to six months.

In its announcement, USCIS said it is suspending premium processing to prioritize long-pending petitions and H-1B extension of status cases approaching the end of the automatic 240-day period of work authorization.

USCIS issued two important reminders in its announcement. First, any petitioner that files an H-1B petition with a check that combines the filing fees and premium processing fee will have the entire case rejected as improperly filed. Second, USCIS iterated that, while premium processing is suspended, petitioners can request expedited processing if they meet certain criteria.

If you have any questions about how this change could affect your organization, please contact your Goel & Anderson attorney.