USCIS Standardizes Processing Time Format


This afternoon USCIS announced in an e-mail to stakeholders that it will standardize the format of the processing times it publishes online. Currently, USCIS lists a length of time, such as three months, if it is meeting internal processing goals. When USCIS is not meeting its goals, it lists a specific "processing cases as of date" that refers to filing dates, or receipt dates. Going forward, USCIS will standardize the process by only listing a specific date.

If a receipt date is before the posted processing date, then the application is outside normal processing times. Otherwise, USCIS considers the application to be within normal processing times. In its notice to stakeholders, though, USCIS noted, "If the receipt date on the USCIS Processing Times web page is after the date we have listed on your notice, you should expect to hear from us within 30 days. If after those 30 days, you have not heard from us, you may make an inquiry on your case."

Notably, USCIS is continuing to experience severe processing delays. For example, the Vermont Service Center is now taking well over a year to process an H-1B extension petition, and the processing cases as of date, which is currently October 12, 2015, has only advanced ten days since August 2016.