USCIS Shares Scam Alert


Today USCIS shared a scam alert from the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General ("DHS OIG"), alerting stakeholders to a phone scam. The Office of Inspector General announced that scammers have recently used its hotline phone number (I-800-323-8603) to obtain personal information from victims, while pretending to be U.S. immigration officials.

In its fraud alert, DHS OIG confirmed that it only uses its hotline number to receive calls. In sharing this fraud alert, USCIS similarly confirmed that it will never ask for payment via phone or e-mail. Rather, USCIS will issue a written notice on official stationery if payment is required. Additionally, USCIS noted that anyone can call the National Customer Service Center at I-800-375-5283 to confirm if a call is from USCIS or inquire about case status.