USCIS Resumes Premium Processing for FY2018 H-1B Cap Petitions


Today, USCIS announced that, effective immediately, it is resuming premium processing for pending H-1B petitions subject to the Fiscal Year 2018 H-1B cap. It is the latest development in USCIS' incremental return of premium processing for H-1B petitions. USCIS has already resumed premium processing for H-1B petitions filed for medical doctors through the Conrad 30 Waiver program and H-1B petitions filed by certain cap-exempt petitioners.

Regarding when USCIS will resume premium processing for other H-1B petitions, the USCIS announcement noted, "USCIS plans to resume premium processing for all other remaining H-1B petitions... as agency workloads permit." Please contact your Goel & Anderson attorney if you have any questions, and continue to check the Goel & Anderson website for the latest news regarding H-1B processing issues.