Hurricane Matthew Immigration Relief


Today, USCIS issued an alert reminding stakeholders of immigration relief that is available in extraordinary circumstances, including natural disasters such as Hurricane Matthew. This relief covers a wide range of areas, including but not limited to:

• Acceptance of requests for extensions of stay after the foreign national's authorized period of stay has expired.
• Expedited processing of certain applications and requests.
• Fee waivers.
• Assistance for those who were unable to appear for an interview or respond to a Request for Evidence on time.
• Replacement of lost or damaged documents.
• Rescheduling of biometrics appointments.

USCIS notes that anyone making such a request must explain how the request for relief is related to Hurricane Matthew. If you are a company that employs foreign nationals in the United States and need guidance on how to obtain Hurricane Matthew immigration relief from USCIS, you can request a consultation with a Goel & Anderson attorney.