Bloomberg BNA Examines H-1B Reform Efforts


Last week, the Bloomberg Bureau of National Affairs ("Bloomberg BNA") published an article entitled, "Skilled Foreign Worker Taking Your Job? It's Legal." In the article, Bloomberg BNA examines when companies can legally replace American employees with foreign workers and efforts to reform the H-1B visa program.

For the article, Bloomberg BNA interviewed Goel & Anderson's Managing Partner, Vic Goel, about the value of the H-1B visa program and attempts to reform it. Mr. Goel, who is also the Chairman of the American Immigration Lawyers Association's Business Immigration Committee, explained that Congress should proceed with caution. "Acting too quickly and creating unnecessary restrictions often backfires," he said.

Mr. Goel elaborated that the IT industry is not the only one that uses an outsourcing model, pointing out that specifically targeting Indian outsourcing companies can have consequences. He questioned, "Do these companies provide any value to our economy? In most cases, the answer is yes." Finally, Mr. Goel noted that, "in terms of overall numbers," the number of American IT workers displaced by H-1B workers "is a miniscule portion of the United States economy."