Case Studies - Creative Solutions for Complex Immigration Problems 


Goel & Anderson goes straight to the top to work through a problem.

When a client found itself on the wrong end of a string of RFEs, we arranged meetings with top-level representatives of USCIS to discuss the client's business and help determine how to help make adjudications more predictable. [more


Goel & Anderson’s super strategy helps a client avoid “super penalties.”

The U.S. Department of Labor’s national headquarters became concerned when a labor union filed complaints against several major IT consulting firms with operations spanning several states.  Our unique strategy helped one leading multinational IT consulting firm successfully navigate through this difficult situation. [more]


Goel & Anderson saves a critical Green Card case after it flatlines

Goel & Anderson is often called when a case goes terribly wrong, and the situation looked terminal when a medical device firm needed U.S. permanent residence status for the leader of its team designing cutting edge software embedded in cardiac pacemakers. See how we rescusitated a denied case that another law firm had already given up on. [more]


Goel & Anderson keeps a London DJ’s move to New York from spinning out of control.

We always go the extra mile to get a successful result for a client, and we’ll strategize across an ocean to solve a problem that stumped another law firm.    That was the situation when a television and radio broadcast giant called us to get their DJ from London in time for "drive time". [more]


Goel & Anderson saves the jobs of 24 engineers and one panicked HR manager.

We could hear the anxiety in her voice when the Human Resources Manager of a major software development firm in Silicon Valley called us with a problem that held grave consequences for the company and a key group of highly skilled employees. [more]